Meals at the Way

We know it's been easy to feel disconnected over the last year. One way we want to build better connections in our community is to help each other out in a variety of life seasons! If you are: having a baby, having surgery, experiencing a loss in your family, moving, experiencing long term illness, or really going through a season where you may need more support, we want to support you!

You can email and we will help set up a meal schedule where people in The Way community will drop off or send food for you and your family to help out in a time where you may not have space in your brain to figure out what to put on plates for dinner.

We want to be a community that can lend a hand when one of us is in a tough season, and we also want to be a community full of people who are willing to say "I'm the one who could use a little help right now!" Let us both extend the kindness of food and joyfully ask when we are in need of some care.

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