October 13, 2021
Tim Lien

Psalm 136 is nothing if not repetitive.

26 times.
In the English Standard Version: The steadfast love of the Lord endures forever.
26 times.  

If you complain about modern worship music being repetitive, you would have panned David’s lute jams.

“I was numb to it after the first 6 times,” said Mendel bar Cohen, “I wish he had constructed a complex iambic pentameter with rich theological contours. But 26 times? Overkill. Amateurish, really. Pop puff pastry for the masses.”

26 times.
The Contemporary English Version is snappy, direct: God’s love never fails.
26 times.  

Recently, I was with Dr. Carl Ellis in Estes Park, Colorado—home of the wandering urban elk herd. He said the following statement with lived knowledge, reverence—even laughter in his throat:
               “If you think that God has failed you, then a strangely wonderful thing has happened. Congratulations, you just discovered your fake-god,                your god substitute, your idol. Your puny, silly, powerless god failed you, and you’re surprised it didn’t deliver. God never fails; get used to                that idea.”
How would we get used to an idea like that?

Try saying it 26 times.

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of San Gabriel Valley