Family Style

September 22, 2021
Tim Lien

While out running some errands, I saw one of those little food stands— out of the back of a pick-up truck. The familiar pieces were all there—the umbrella, charcoal grill, two large coolers, a plastic white table, 2 folding chairs, and some mariachi on AM radio.

Mi gusta, said the Güero.

I pulled into the parking lot, ordered 3 simple carne asada tacos with cilantro and onions, and parked my keister on a cement wheel curb.  

This scene is ubiquitous in LA, hardly remarkable.  

But the girl, though.

In my brief 7.5 minutes of wolfing down EastLos excellence, a little girl—maybe 4 or 5— busily swept around the truck, retrieved drinks, filled baggies with radishes, onions, cilantro, and jalapenos, and hustled paper plates to the trash can.

Labor laws aside, I was struck at the cohesion of this 4-member family unit. Everyone had a role. Everyone knew what they were doing. Everyone contributed. Even the 5yr old. And the tacos were great.

A family is like that, no? My kids groan on Saturday-chore-day, but the whole family pitches-in nonetheless. Certainly, chore day and daily dishwasher evacuation are only a tiny slice of family life, but they make a family run well.

As we have slowly come back to in-person worship, there are various physical demands that have swelled, as well. Though worship begins at 4:00pm, our first team of 8-9 people arrives at 1:30pm to begin preparations. Our volunteer teams dissipated over the last 16 months, but now we must build up those teams so that the community is served well without burdening any one individual.  

We’ll be having a Volunteer Fair on October 10th so that you can explore various options that fit with your giftings and current season of life. Please consider jumping back on to a Volunteer Team.

With everyone contributing we’ll be able to build a sustainable system—family style.

Mi gusta, said the Güero—which is another way of saying Amen.

Parent Notice: This Sunday, the sermon will focus on sexual ethics in a global city—like Corinth, like Los Angeles. Though I will not be intentionally salacious, graphic, or careless, there will be direct references to a) ancient sexual practices b) modern sexual mores in the LA basin and broader culture, and c) a positive vision of Jesus-formed sexuality. These issues include a man’s relationship with his step mother, temple prostitution, banquet & orgy (the toga virilis), Tinder, pornography, and massage parlors.  I trust that you, as a parent, are best qualified to understand if your child (most likely 6th grade or higher) is ready for such content. As always, I will appeal to the work of Jesus in our healing from sexual brokenness and following Him in a beautiful design towards life-giving sexuality.  

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