I Got This

October 7, 2020
Tim Lien

This is one short, simple, and not-so-sweet.

Michael Lee (Youngnak, Los Angeles) once mentioned this observation <see above> in a room full of pastory-type people. I was there, of course, in the back, trying not to put out a pastory vibe, and shuffle an inch-per-minute towards the warm, fresh pretzel dogs from Wurstkuche. When he said them I don’t think it was a Main Point or anything, either. Despite Half-Paying-Attention, the words landed at my feet. I would have tried to throw them back, but they exploded before I could do anything about it. My reflexes are slower than what they used to be.

And now it sits in my Wall O’ Quotes.

Whenever I see it, I feel the pieces of shrapnel still twisting somewhere near my busy, pastory-type heart. Somewhere adjacent to true spirituality.

“I got this,” I mumble to myself, “I totally got this.”

2020 The Way - SGV