Lay Your Deadly Doing Down

September 2, 2020
Tim Lien

"Lay Your Deadly Doing Down"

I’m always a sucker for phrases that employ alliteration. Maybe that’s why I remember this phrase from a hymn I heard only as a child. I don’t think I’ve sung it since, or even heard it, for that matter. Little tiny barbs of alliteration had latched onto some grey matter and burrowed in for 40 years. I had to look it up this past week, keywords: deadly doing down. Eureka!

Lay your deadly doing down—
down at Jesus’ feet;
stand in Him, in Him alone,
gloriously complete.

-James Proctor

I want to get better. I want to work hard. Those are good things. You may want those things, as well.

As my day begins, however, I often clock-in for work at the bottom of one of two mountains—either Sinai or Calvary. Its basic idea is this: will I work gaining my assessment through the Law? Or will I work gaining my assessment through Jesus’s work? Sinai is deadly for me, but not for God. Calvary is deathless for me, but not for God.

A prayer for the day:
I will work today.
That work, must be occupied by your Spirit, for it to have long-lasting fruit.
My intentions are swirled and mixed together; I cannot fully convince myself of pure intentions.
So, I confess now: I lay down all the work that I will do today that tries to gain favor from You, others, or myself.
That kind of work is deadly to me. I lay it down. I lay my deadly doing down.
I need to work in Your vitality, blessing, and power.
Today I need to stand in Your work as I work.
Remind me, again, that only Your work will be eternally praised.
Today, my work will contain frustrations and obstacles, but it will not, cannot take my joy.
And when I rest I will not be worried about my work, because it does not define me.
I lay my deadly doing down, and trust again, in your work—which is finished.
At the end of my day, I lay my deadly doing down.
With all my godly perspiration, I am no closer to or further from your love, care, or provision.
With my to-do list done, it does not earn me your acceptance.
With every task left undone, my security is not threatened. You hold me.
I lay my deadly doing down. Amen

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